Mr. Richard Saziya has built a business empire across diverse industries and has decided to ensure the lessons he has acquired over the years are preserved for the next generations. His decision to “cultivate a positive view of work” is the foundation on which Mountview Preparatory School has been built on.

The History of Mountview

The First Class Of Mountview Prep

Narratted By Mr Saziya

In 2014, with the help of my wife Beauty Saziya, we bought a four-roomed house in Nyamhuka 2. We started an ECD center with 30 learners. In 2015, the number of learners doubled to 60. We asked the Nyanga rural council to provide us with a big area to build the now so-called Mountview Preparatory School. During the period of 2015, we managed to build six classrooms including offices. In 2016, we recruited two learner’s classes for grades one and two. Our first headmaster was Mr. Manhimanzi who

later left the school at the end of 2020 leaving the boys hostel named after him – Shakespear. In 2017, the school was registered with a certificate from the Ministry of Education. In 2019, the school was then registered as an examination center. In 2021, Mr. S Langeveldt joined the school and this is the year the school has also started offering boarding facilities. Due to this pandemic, the school is offering unique online lessons through this platform, Zoom, and Whatsapp. I believe this is only just but the beginning of a rich history of education in the town of Nyanga.

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